10 Tips for Betting!

(If you find a penny, pick it up!)

Have you ever been to the Racetrack? If yes, then you know how hard it is to win. Millions of dollars are spent everyday betting on horse racing and I guarantee you most of them leave with an empty wallet. After working in Saratoga Press Box, Assistant for world renowned veterinarian Doc Allday and spent most of my life on the backside, I have learned a few things. Read below to find out my secrets to go home a happy man at the Racetrack 🙂

Favorite: According to predictem.com the favorite horse wins about 33 percent of the time, although at low payoffs.


Trainer: Just like horses some trainers do much better at certain Racetracks. Sometimes trainers will consistently win which means they are on a hot streak. Look at the data on the racing page to see which trainers have a good record at the course.

Jockey: The top ten riders in the jockey standings win about 90 percent of the races during the meet. Top jockey usually gets the first pick in the race decided by the trainer. When a jockey consistently rides a certain horse they believe the horse can perform well.

Trainer/Jockey Combination: Look at the record of the two when teaming up. A good trainer plus a good jockey is always a threat in the race. Some trainers prefer certain jockeys. Likewise, with jockeys, some will only ride for certain trainers to continue getting the trainers good mounts.

Last performance: Horses can improve every race, just like a fighter they need to prepare for each fight. Horses are either main track horses or turf horses, uncommon for both. A turf horse can look completely different when moving from the main track (dirt) to turf or vise versa.

Difficulty of Race: If the horse didn’t run well last time it could have been too tough. A drop in class will certainly help.

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Distance: If the horse ran well at the beginning of the race but became tired by the end. At a shorter distance, the horse could perform very well.

Track: Some horses like certain Racetrack more than others. It is not uncommon for horses to run more efficient at different Racetracks. Every Racetrack is different.

Workouts: Horse’s workout report will tell you how prepared they are for each race.

Payoff: If the horse is in the morning-line up favorite and at post time the odds go off much higher the horse can bring in some serious money.


Now you know my secrets to betting, go out and try it! Whether it’s to test your handicapping skill, pure enjoyment or to make that money, most importantly have fun and don’t spend all of your money. If this helps you, please feel free to give me feedback.

I love hearing back from horse track lovers! Good Luck you’re going to need it!


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