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Tony Dutrow

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Anthony is the 30th ranked trainer ALL-TIME in earnings.
More importantly, however, is that out of the top 30 ALL-TIME, he is ranked

My dad, Tony, has been in the industry now for roughly 41 years. I will save you a few hours, and give you a quick summary of his career by stating that he is considered one of the absolute best horse trainers in the entire country, and is a celebrity within the racing industry. He is at the track by 4am, every day of the week, and is absolutely devoted to his work.

Kim Dutrow

The picture was taken by Barbara D. Livingston, Four-time Eclipse Award winner for Outstanding Photography.

My Mom, Kim, is the superhero of Team D (the actual name of our family business, if I forgot to mention). Kimmy helps set up and close down the barn each day (includes tasks that would be included in the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs). She also finds good homes for horses when their racing careers are over. My mom is so much fun and outgoing, most people wouldn’t think of her as the manual labor type of person, but she definitely goes in and gets after it each day. However, she also serves as Team D’s PR team. She talks to anybody and everybody, in order to get our name out there.

Anthony Dutrow


Anthony has worked in the industry as a blacksmith for 5 years now. However, he’s the last person you would call to make a key or change a door lock. He is a blacksmith or Farrier for Racehorses. Anthony specializes in putting on horseshoes. People at the racetrack say you must be crazy to ride a racehorse and insane to get under one. My father trained a horse named The Big Beast who stood over 18 hands tall (75 inches) and weighed over 1300 pounds. Thoroughbreds can be very dangerous if not trained properly. Though it is a dangerous profession, it is extremely valuable, therefore making it an extremely profitable line of work.

James Dutrow

james nene

Last but not least, would be my brother James. James and I, work by helping our mother prepare our barns and close them down when needed. James has managed and supervised multiple different restaurants at the Saratoga track, and will be opening his own line of food trucks which will serve both the racetracks, as well as the barns one day. Though James wants to focus on the food side of the racing industry, he is an absolute natural horse handler, and I personally hope he finds a trade where he can work directly with horses. Horses will either love you or hate you, based on the vibe you give them. For whatever reason, horses absolutely love this kid.

There you have it. You’re all caught up with how our team works for the most part. Now, let’s dive in.

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