About Me

John Dutrow


My name is John Dutrow, my family and parents, Tony and Kim Dutrow have made our name synonymous with the Racing industry. And no, by racing I do not mean NASCAR or Tour De France. I mean horse racing, the original racing industry. Horse racing is what my family knows, how we’ve made our living, and most importantly, what we love. The purpose of this website is to not only educate folks about the racing industry itself but, also share our experience in this rollercoaster lifestyle. In this unpredictable sport, the favorite wins only 33 percent of the time. With only 12 champions everyone in this game wants the next Triple Crown Winner. Follow our website and find out if my dad trains the next Triple Crown Winner!

NYRA (New York Racing Association) has allowed me to work multiple internships with them. While working with NYRA I have the had privilege of being apart of their communication team, events team, assistant coordinator of the press box and even escorting trophies on Belmont Steak Day. With NYRA, I provided documents and paperwork need for the Press, interviewed the best Jockeys, Trainers, Owners, Fans, in the horse racing industry. One of the greatest experiences from this internship was keeping daily recaps, records and statistics of horse racing stats throughout the biggest meet of the year at Saratoga Race Track (oldest sporting venue in America). However, I would like to focus my profession within the PR and communications side of the Industry.

Ultimately, my goal is to share the beauty of this incredible sport. At earlier stages of my life, I did not appreciate how special this sport is, as well as the industry as a whole. On this website, I will share pictures and my love of the track and the backside as well as show you a different exciting world. Regardless of how special racing is, it is still a rather foreign topic, to most folks across the country. For whatever reason, the typical day to day person knows very little, if anything about racing.

If I can share even just a glimpse of the magic I have seen while growing up in this sport, then as far as I’m concerned, this website will have been a success.

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