Are You A Hard Worker?

A Unique Career Path For You!

Anthony (brother) shoeing our favorite Pony Nene.
Horse Farriers are essentially blacksmiths that specialize in putting the horseshoes on the horse itself. Being a farrier is actually very hard work, it requires very skillful hands. A good farrier can be the difference in a horse performing well. Not only is the job itself difficult and demanding, it is also very DANGEROUS to unprofessional. This is one trade that I know about first hand, as my older brother is a Horse Farrier, and is currently at the tail end of his apprenticeship.

A Horse Farrier, is very similar to most trades, however there is no technical school required. Although my brother Anthony did attend A Farrier school in West Virginia (Danny Ward Horseshoeing School) to gain experience before entering the field. Usually, an aspiring farrier will seek out an apprenticeship. For an apprenticeship, is to learn under the most successful and skillful Farriers available. My brother Anthony, is currently training under one of the most successful farriers in the industry.


Once one finishes his or her apprenticeship, they will then look to branch of and start their own practice, which can be as profitable as they want it to be depending on how hard they work. The average full-time salary for a farrier is roughly $93k per year. However, finding the right mentor farriers can make up to 200-300k per year.
It may seem strange that someone without a college or trade school degree could make so much money. Putting horseshoes on the horses is extremely dangerous, as horses spook very easily. Farriers often get kicked and trampled by horses, and the fact that they are taking this risk is why they are compensated so well. The worst place to be when a horse gets spooked is under or behind a horse.

There are many trades within the industry that can provide an incredible living. If you’re interested check out the link below to see jobs that may interest you!

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