The Best Horse Racing Blog

To be completely honest, I spent a good amount of time looking at horse racing blogs. Once, I started this website I became interested in a few blogs that focus on Horse

The first blog is called Horse Racing Nation, and the name basically tells it all. Horse Racing Nation, is essentially the ESPN of racing. Since clearly ESPN only gives good coverage during the Triple Crown, it is not really considered any sort of resource for us racing fanatics. Horse Racing Nation covers literally any race that happens throughout the year, and even covers all established auctions throughout the year as well.

The most useful aspect of Horse Racing Nation, is the fact that they provide statistics and information about literally any horse or human being, that has a place in the industry. The author gives detailed information about any past races, bloodlines for any horse on the market, Jockeys, and most importantly, Trainers. As a matter of fact, Horse Racing Nation even has an impressive profile on my dad, Tony Dutrow. It contains literally all the results he has ever had, with any horse he has worked with.


The only negative thing about Horse Racing Nation, is the fact that the navigation or layout is very user-friendly. Since Horse Racing Nation provides such a large scope of information, it is very difficult to compile everything together into one website, while still making it easy to navigate. Additionally, since the blog is monetized there are a lot of advertisements that go down the sides of the page. There is just so much to look at, that it often times be too confusing for someone that is relatively new to not only computers but the industry as well.


The second blog is Race Day 360, which I like for two reasons. First, is that they always post very interesting articles about the industry as a whole. The articles range from information on historical figures within the racing community to results from recent races. The second reason is that the blog itself has a very simple format. I believe a lot of older folks view this blog. Due to the blogs straightforward layout, it is very easy to navigate. This is a great way to reach those who are not as computer savvy as the average person. Since a lot of older folks frequently view this blog, getting Race Day 360 to follow my website will allow me to reach a much wider audience.

Both Horse Racing Nation and Race Day 360 are great examples of how to run a blog on racing. By utilizing the best aspects, and learning from the worst aspects of each, I will be able to run my blog to its fullest potential.

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